Acts 6 4 2 Priorities

Everyone involved in ministry understands the challenge of keeping priorities straight.  Life seems to be busier than ever for all of us.  If you have a job description for your ministry, I suspect it lists numerous tasks and fails to list many more.  If your ministry is not formalized on paper, you could probably create your own list of many roles that you are called on to fulfill.  There is crisis counseling, career advisor, family therapist, event manager, numerous pieces of administrative work, social network facilitator, hopefully missions mobilizer, periodically pre-marital counselor, sometimes music selector, youth leader, catering supervisor, perhaps fund raiser, maybe author, and on it goes.

We all need to be drawn back by Acts 6:4.  I know we are not apostles.  I know the historical situation has shifted.  I know the realities of ministry in “small church,” or for that matter, “big church.”  I know the added pressures of instant telecommunications, modern church organizational structures and so on.  But we need to remember Acts 6:4.

We must devote ourselves to prayer.  We must devote ourselves to the ministry of the Word.  Time for some honest and prayerful schedule evaluation?

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