Congregational Calendar Input

When planning a preaching calendar, don’t forget a key resource – your target audience.  I heard of one pastor who would ask his congregation for passages or doctrines they found hard to understand, then would schedule a series responding to those subjects the following summer.  The advantages included that people felt their needs were taken seriously, they attended purposefully in the summer (rather than slacking in attendance), and it forced the preacher to go where he might naturally steer clear.

It’s an intriguing idea.  Have you ever done something similar?  How did it go?

2 thoughts on “Congregational Calendar Input

  1. We had a pastor several years ago who did that very thing. Summer attendance was up. Feedback was great. Conversation in Sunday schools revolved around those things. And the preaching dealt with the issues.

  2. preaching and ministering to jr. high and high school students, i usually preach on transitions and missions with graduations, back to school, and missions trips during summer. usually i find it difficult to focus on preaching with a packed schedule with missions, retreats, and other programs during summer though.

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