Invest Some Time to Save Hours

Perhaps you are in charge of the preaching calendar.  Perhaps you are not, but sometimes get called on to preach.  Either way, it is worth investing time ahead of time to plan out some preaching plans.  Considering the needs of the people and how those might best be addressed from the Bible is an exercise well worth the effort and prayer you’ll put in.  Equally, listing out a set of sermons that you would like to prepare and preach is worth it even if you are only an occasional preacher.

Consider the alternative.  Without a preaching calendar you’ll find that Monday brings an impending sense of pressure.  Without a list of future sermons, an invitation to preach brings a tightness to the chest.  So many preachers waste so much time stressing about what they should preach next.  That time could better be invested in the next message’s preparation.  Whether you are picking a text or preparing to preach that text, you should be leaning on the Holy Spirit – so surely it is better to be preparing the message?  Whether you plan a year out or a week out, either way you should be relying on the Spirit of God to help you.

So don’t act like those hours of stress is a spiritual approach to an otherwise cold and professional approach.  Instead prayerfully plan ahead, thereby giving the Spirit more time to help you be ready when that Sunday finally arrives.  You can always change plans closer to the time, but changing plans is different than having no plans and all the stress that comes with it!

2 thoughts on “Invest Some Time to Save Hours

  1. G’day Peter,
    My name is Leigh. I’m a pastor in Australia. I’ve just found your site. Well done. This is a really important issue.

    I wonder if you or anyone can point me to some sample 3-5 year preaching calendars which show how preachers have intentionally divided up the Bible and it’s vaious books to help congregations get a grasp of, and hunger for the Bible.

    While I know it’s important to do some of the work for yourself, I’d like to see how others have set about the task, and modify it to suit our people here. I’d like something to help people see both the big picture and the important details.

    eg I’d prefer not to spend 50 weeks in a row in Genesis.

    Blessings in Jesus’ Name.

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