When Less is More in Content

We tend to think that we will add power to a message by adding more.  Perhaps more material or evidences or quotes in support of a point.  Perhaps more volume or pitch or speed in delivery.  It is very important to know when less is more!  Sometimes the powerful clarity of a single statement is cloaked by extra material.  Sometimes the secret to a deep impact in delivery is to do the opposite of the obvious.

When less is more in content – Long speeches are regularly forgotten, but succinct ones stand tall in history.  Multiple exhibits given in evidence may confuse listeners who are trying to remember the detail without clarity as to the main goal.  Numerous quotes may begin to feel like mere words when one pithy powerful quote might ring true, loud and clear.  A complex main idea may be accurate, but will it change lives like a carefully honed succinct statement?

Tomorrow we’ll consider when less is more in delivery.

One thought on “When Less is More in Content

  1. thanks for a great advice and reminder. i often times believe unintentionally more is better in content. i’ll consider when less is more in delivery this morning.

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