If Leadership Is Influence

According to John C. Maxwell, leadership is influence.  Now if this is true, then preaching should be leadership.  I hope none of us preach without seeking to influence lives.  While we all may speak to influence, we are not all officially leaders in every situation in which we preach.  You may not be the pastor or an elder.  You may be just a visiting speaker, or a young man being given an opportunity to “try preaching.”  Whether we have an official leadership title or not, let’s be clear that when we preach, we lead.

Consequently, it is important to use that privilege wisely.  What does it mean to be a leader in terms of your own life?  Your lifestyle?  Your conversation?  Your interaction with other folks in the church?  What does it mean in terms of your self-discipline and your work ethic?  What does it mean in terms of your walk with God and your response to the spiritual battle that surrounds leaders?  Being a leader, at any level, has numerous implications.  Take some time to prayerfully evaluate these and related issues.

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