Sunday Prayer

Do you have certain things you regularly pray before a day of ministry? I don’t have a set list, but one thing tends to come up a lot. I don’t want to just maintain a routine, or just go through the motions of another week of the same. Somehow church can become something we do, rather than a genuine life changing encounter with God. Now it is fair to say we should recognize the value of regular “normal” church life as well as the “firework” moments. But at the same time we can easily get into a rut of just going through the motions again simply because it is Sunday. My prayer is not to be a part of that. I pray that today lives will be changed by meeting with God through His Word, through worship and through fellowship with other believers. And for that to happen? Well, it has to be God at work. That’s kind of the point of a prayer like this, isn’t it? God, we need you. Amen.

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