Remember the Feeling of Privilege

Just a thought to follow on from yesterday’s post.  Take a moment to remember how you felt when you first started.  Perhaps as a young man when you were asked to preach a one-off message.  Or when you stepped out of Bible school and headed toward doing what you had been trained to do.  Or when you were first commissioned in full-time ministry.  Or when you first received the call to the church you are now in.  Or when someone first asked you a question because you had preached and they trusted you.  Whether you are “full-time” or not as a preacher, remember that early feeling of privilege and amazement that God and people would trust you with such a role.

Over time feelings change.  Perhaps preaching has become a regular experience for you.  You don’t have the same feeling of privilege, or the same intensity of fear!  Perhaps your ministry role has become your job.  You are occupied with your occupation, but perhaps not thrilled by the privilege?  It is easy, over time, for a sense of calling, commissioning and life mission to fade into simply what we do to pay the bills (if you’re paid), or what we do as our ministry in the church.

Whether you preach periodically, or are full-time in ministry, it is a privilege.  It is more than a hobby.  More than a job.  Feelings change and that cannot be avoided.  But be careful that time, pressure, comfort levels, etc. don’t steal the wonder and delight at the privilege of participating in God’s work in peoples’ lives.

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