Careful of Clips – Part 1

Yesterday I made a passing reference to the use of movie clips in preaching.  I love movies.  I love preaching.  So I should combine the two whenever possible?  Actually no, I rarely use clips in preaching (although I do in interactive seminars – totally different dynamic).

Movie clips can be very powerful and very effective.  But they can also be too powerful and too effective.  For example, if you build your sermon toward the climax, then use a powerful clip (all the senses, all the emotion, etc.), then it stops and people have to listen to you again . . . no music in the background, no make-up, no camera angles . . . well, it can be quite a let down!  So it is typically better to use the clip earlier rather than later in the message.

However, if the clip is too powerful, then you’ll touch people too deeply too early and the whole message will fall flat.  Somehow the preacher and the message have to touch people more powerfully than the clip.  It’s a hard balance to find.  You should only use the clip if it is the best way to get the point across, but you don’t want it to be too powerful or it will overwhelm the message.  Support material has to be proportionate to the import of the particular point being communicated at that stage of the sermon.

Tomorrow I’ll mention more reasons to be careful rather than cavalier in the use of movie clips.

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