Tired of Preaching?

It’s Monday morning.  You have woken to a few moments of contentment before remembering yesterday.  Perhaps your sermon flopped.  Perhaps you were strongly criticized.  Perhaps you just felt totally wiped out and emotionally drained.  So today you are tired of preaching.  Here’s a brief perspective fixer for you:

You’re Not Alone – I’ve no statistics to support this.  Only anecdotal conversations with other preachers.  If you are not feeling great about your last sermon, join the club!  Many preachers struggle through the hours or days after preaching more often than not.

Your Perspective is Incomplete – It may have felt terrible to you, but good to others.  It may have stirred criticism from one person, but what of the other person who slipped away feeling convicted or encouraged, like they had just encountered God through His Word?  Unless you interviewed every listener, you don’t know.  (And if you have to stand at the door and shake hands with everyone, you still don’t know!)

Your Best Move is Prayer – Real prayer.  Real honest prayer.  Don’t give God your best stained glass voice, give him your heart, spill your guts, shoot from the hip, let it all hang out.  He can take it.  Job prayed like that.  David did as well.  Jeremiah too. And maybe you’ll experience the same as me on numerous occasions.  After spilling it all, with no energy left, I sense God’s love for me and that burning is still there in my bones!

Your Worst Move is Sin – Pastors often take Monday off for a reason.  So take some time and use it carefully.  Pray.  Refresh.  Energize.  Relax.  Exercise.  Fellowship.  But don’t sin.  Temptations often hit hard when we are feeling low.  Don’t be easy pickings for the enemy!

(PS I wrote this on Friday, so I have no idea how my Sunday sermon will go.  Pray for me on Monday though, just in case!)

2 thoughts on “Tired of Preaching?

  1. One of my favorite sermons was silence from the preacher. The only message, the silent elevation of a single flower.

    Often getting caught up in words and the approval of others can be highly stressful. Perhaps it is time to rest from trying to be perfect when you speak?

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