Spiritual Warfare and Preaching – Part 2

In part 1 I opened the subject of spiritual attacks on us as preachers.  I’m sure I’m not alone in experiencing unusual technical difficulties before presenting, or out of the ordinary family tensions on a Sunday morning.  Then there is the more overt attacks both before and after preaching.  Not always, but sometimes.  But if we are thinking about the work of the enemy, it is important to remember he can also target the listeners in a preaching event.   Our ancient foe seeks to work woe on various fronts.

As 2Cor.4:4 states, the enemy works to blind listeners to the gospel so they cannot see the truth.  There is also the possibility of distraction before and during preaching, as well as discouragement whispered direct.  I do not want to give any credit to an enemy who stands defeated, but it would be naive to ignore this dimension of preaching.  We tremble not for him, but must be sure to stand firm in our role as God’s spokesmen.

My hope with this post is to stimulate thinking in this area.  Please comment on strategies you perceive against yourself or your listeners.  There will be a part 3, and we will consider practical ways to stand firm and be effective in our ministry.  Praise the Lord, the right man, of God’s choosing, is on our side, and his kingdom is forever.

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