Change Takes Time

Perhaps you are one preacher among several in a church.  Perhaps other ministers in the church hold a different view of preaching.  Maybe the congregation has differing expectations.  What can you do if others don’t share your commitment to expository preaching?

Accept that change takes time.  Take stock of the situation and thank God for the influence you do have.  If you ever preach, then use that opportunity to be an example.  Be an example by inviting input in response to your preaching, so that others may ask for your input in respect to theirs.  Share books and resources that will point others to the importance of expository preaching.  9 Marks by Mark Dever is a helpful book because it is not so pointed; as well as preaching he addresses eight other marks of a healthy church.

There are lots of things that can be done, but the process is usually slow.  Above all else there are two things to remember.  First of all, grace should season your attitude, your speech, your interactions.  Second, and last only for emphasis.  Pray.  Churches and people change, but not due to our cleverness.  We leave a mark on a situation as we pray fervently for God to work His will.  May all our churches increase in their commitment and responsiveness to true expository preaching – not because we are fans of any particular form of preaching, but because God is our goal, and expository preaching is the best approach to His Word.

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