Is one sermon enough?

Dr. Sid Buzzell of Colorado Christian University made a comment worthy of consideration.  He has one foot in pastoral preaching and the other in education.  He suggested that if preachers started to think of preaching schedules with the mindset of an educator there would be one obvious difference.  If preachers were truly concerned with the outcome in mind,  what the listeners should become as a result of the preaching, then many sermons would become series of sermons.

Perhaps preachers do have a tendency to cover material once, move on to new material, and expect too much change from such short exposure.  So maybe it’s time to ask ourselves, in light of the Biblical passage before us, and as those seeking to see life change that will bring pleasure and glory to God, and knowing our people as we do . . . is one sermon enough?

4 thoughts on “Is one sermon enough?

  1. I like to focus on sermons as series. It helps me plan my sermons and I see that people understand the point or points more when I cover them several times. I did a series on God is in Control and we look at Joseph. It was helpful for all of us to remember the key point over the weeks we looked at his life.

    Great site!

  2. My wife has told me on more than one occasion that the recent sermon could/should have been at least 2, if not 3 sermons.

    Repetition is key to learning and also having my other foot in the academic world helps me to keep mindful of the means of communication to really impact lives to the glory of God.

    Good stuff, thanks.

  3. Many pastors are still preaching for preaching class in seminary instead of preaching to conform people to Christ. There is even nothing wrong with covering the same ground in the same sermon so that your people will pick up what you are trying to get over to them through the text, and then building that in through the next several sermons.

  4. Can’t help relating a brief tale overheard about one of my favorite preachers – The late Rev. Samuel Fleming – One parishioner to the other, “I’m so sorry to have missed Fr. Fleming’s sermon last Sunday. What was it about?” Response: “It was about ‘Jesus is Lord’.” First Parishioner: “Oh, I would have liked to heard that.” Response, “Don’t worry, Father Fleming’s sermons are always about ‘Jesus is Lord.’

    May God grant us the grace to have the same thing said of us.

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