Saturday Short Thought – C.S.Lewis on the KJV

At the risk of opening a bigger can of worms, I’m going to share a quote from C.S.Lewis on the King James Bible (or Authorised Version if you are in the UK).  The point he makes could lead us off into endless discussions on Bible versions, and maybe sometime I’ll go there in the blog.

For now, though, my point is to round up a week of posts about how we preach the text of the Bible.  It is relatively easy to half-cook a sermon out of a Bible text. But when the Bible is really preached, listeners feel the impact of the text as it is proclaimed.  You’ve experienced that sometimes, right?  That sense of the text hitting home more profoundly, more personally, more powerfully than you expected?  That is the goal.

So, Clive Staples (I came across this quote without good citation, if you have it, please let us know), over to you:

We must sometimes get away from the Authorized Version, if for no other reason, simply because it is so beautiful and so solemn. Beauty exalts, but beauty also lulls. Early associations endear, but they also confuse. Through that beautiful solemnity, the transporting or horrifying realities of which the Book tells may come to us blunted and disarmed, and we may only sigh with tranquil veneration when we ought to be burning with shame, or struck dumb with terror, or carried out of ourselves by ravishing hopes and adorations.

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