Peter is a Bible teacher and ministry trainer, serving full-time with Operation Mobilisation. He is based in Chippenham, UK, where he is heavily involved in the preaching ministry of his local church.  Further afield his ministry involves preaching and teaching in churches, Bible colleges and missions events around the world. He especially enjoys training others to handle the Bible and to preach the Word. He regularly teaches preaching and related subjects in Bible colleges and seminaries, as well as in local churches and missions teams. Peter also volunteers as one of the team of “Langham Trainers” seeking to raise up and resource Biblical preaching movements in the developing world. He is an Associate Research Fellow of London School of Theology, allowing him to supervise Master’s level research in the field of homiletics.

Peter is part of the team that launched Cor Deo in 2011.  Cor Deo is a full-time mentored study and ministry training programme lasting five months.  Studying together during the week, then participating in ministry together during the weekends, the Cor Deo team will seek to respond to the captivating heart of God offered in Scripture with a heart for God that looks outward in ministry.  For further information about Cor Deo, either to pray for the ministry, or to find out more about participating, please contact Peter via any comment box on this site.  The Cor Deo website is www.cordeo.org.uk.

Peter holds degrees from the University of the West of England in Bristol, Multnomah Biblical Seminary (MDiv/MABS), and the Doctor of Ministry degree in homiletics from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, where Haddon Robinson was his mentor. Peter is married to Melanie and they have three daughters and one son. For more information on Peter’s family and ministry, please go to www.pouredout.org.