Comments on God Speaking and the Bible – Be Careful

Does God speak through the text, as distinct from analyzing and understanding it?  Is it that when the Bible speaks, God speaks, or when the Bible speaks, God also speaks?

It is true that there is more to understanding a Bible passage than just analyzing the technicalities of the propositions the grammar.  However, let’s be careful not to create a notion of exegetical accuracy versus some supra-biblical revelation.  This notion can come from well-meaning comments like “we can study what the text means, but let’s be open now to hearing what God has to say.”

I heard of a song leader who struck up a chord after the message with the comment, “now let’s hear what God has to say.”  Unfortunate, albeit amusing in some ways.

But the same separation can occur within the preaching.  The preacher can give the sense that there is the meaning of the text, and then there is God speaking to us as we look at the text.

Cold non-relational exegesis is certainly problematic.  But so is supposedly relational non-exegetical Bible reading.  Let’s not offer the notion of non-exegetical devotional Bible reading, nor the notion of non-devotional exegetical Bible reading.  Whether our goal is personal devotional reading, or technical pre-teaching study, let us be sure to keep together the relational aspects of reading God’s Word with the technical aspects of studying God’s Word.

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