Lessons From Mini-Biography – A.W.Tozer

Periodically I’m picking up 50 People Every Christian Should Know by Warren Wiersbe.  It’s refreshing to get a mini-biography in six or seven pages.  I just read Alva McClain the other day – a man who served faithfully despite ill-health.  Today I’m enjoying the A.W. Tozer entry.  I love this bit:

Tozer walked with God and knew him intimately.  To listen to Tozer preach was as safe as opening the door of a blast furnace!

Tozer wrote with the intent that the reader would yearn to go and learn for themselves, putting down Tozer and picking up Bible.  I long for that as a primary response to my preaching.

Tozer is described as a Christian mystic – a term generally spurned, and usually misunderstood, these days.  However, definitions are everything.  What if being a mystic means what Wiersbe says it meant for Tozer?  Being aware of the spiritual world, seeking to please God, cultivating close relationship with God, and relating that experience to daily life.  What if that were the definition.  Is that true of us?  What if mysticism goes deeper, or is defined differently?  Whatever we do with the term mysticism, we must face this question: is our Christian experience a set of definitions, a list of orthodox doctrines, or a living relationship with God?

Doctrine, devotion, intimacy with God and spiritual service.  Not bad nudges from six brief pages of mini-biography!

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