Preaching to People Who Need Counseling – Part 2

So as well as excuses and lack of discipline, two more obstacles are worthy of note.  As preachers preaching for life change, we must be aware of these obstacles in the listener, obstacles well known to counselors, but relevant to preachers too:

3. Complicating problems. One area of change may be hindered by a related area that complicates matters.  For instance preaching on joint prayer in marriage will likely be hindered by general communication problems in marriage.  Perhaps another sermon (or series) is needed as a first step, before addressing the first issue.

4. Failure to repent. People may want to be different, but resist repenting for the present sin.  Many may desire a life of purity, but persist in impure habits.  Many may want to be truth tellers, but still live with unconfessed deception in their lives.  Failure to genuinely repent is a common issue, and an obstacle to life change.

Interdisciplinary studies are fashionable these days.  Here we see input from the field of Christian counseling for preachers.  What others interdisciplinary overlaps do you find helpful as a preacher?

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