Delivery is More Than What You Say – Part 2

There are three more channels of non-verbal communication. Litfin’s introductory text, Public Speaking, gives a helpful summary of each:

4. Physical appearance – Whether you like it or not, people infer a lot from how you look.  Be consistent with your message, your listeners and the occasion. The question is not if you will communicate by your appearance, but what you will communicate by your appearance.

5. Facial expression – Over half of our non-verbal messages are transmitted through the face. Default should be relaxed and pleasant. Then vary according to what you are saying. You may be very expressive before delivery, then frozen during delivery. It is easy to inadvertently communicate hostility through a furrowed brow, flared nostrils, a tight jaw or squinting eyes. Bright lights can have a huge effect on our facial expression too. Be aware.

6. Paralanguage – everything communicated by the voice apart from the words. The intonation can radically change the meaning, while keeping the same actual words. Thus it is important to use the voice carefully, fully and attractively. Attractiveness of voice, according to Litfin, involves articulation, rate, loudness, pitch and quality.

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