Making a Multi-Speaker Series Work – Part 2

A group of preachers, one Bible book, and a series of Sundays. Consider the following suggestions.

3. In a longer series, have a mid-series evaluation. It is wise to avoid a series that goes so long it starts to drag. So by longer series, I mean 8-12 Sundays rather than 4-6. A time of evaluation would provide an opportunity to get together and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the series. An opportunity to highlight areas that could be strengthened by the group as the series continues. Perhaps a re-evaluation of the later sections in light of further study, or just a good chance to pray for each other and the messages that lie ahead.

4. Encourage the preachers to be a “team” for the series. It is so easy to preach as separate individuals, having no interaction between the speakers in a series. This is a great opportunity for a team camaraderie to develop. The speakers know what each other is putting into the series. They understand the goals, the emotions, the struggles. Perhaps encourage email and phone conversations between the speakers. Pray for one another. Really seek to stand together in the mission.

5. As a team, select one individual to wrap-up the series. In light of the team interaction, there may be one preacher especially suited to wrapping up the series. Perhaps the one with the best grasp of the whole book. Instead of fizzling to the finish, finish strong with a message reviewing the book in its entirety – a big picture finish.

6. Have a post-series evaluation. Share lessons learned and make suggestions for future series. Also, at the end of the series, or at the end of the year, put closure on the teamwork with some kind of thanksgiving and celebration.

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